Birjhora Mahavidyalaya Library

Birjhora Mahavidyalaya started its long journey on 1st September 1986, along with the establishment of the college, the Birjhora Mahavidyalaya Library came into existence. It was initiated with the books donated by different well-wishers of greater Bongaigaon. Mr. Manabendra Das, Lecturer in Mathematics was then given the additional charge of the Library in its infancy period. Mr. Basanta Kr. Sarma, MA, B LISc took the responsibility of the Library on 30th November, 1990 as the permanent Librarian.

Permanent Library is in the first floor of a RCC building of about 1800 sq. feet, with a well - furnished Library Reading Room. At present, it has a capacity to accommodate about 100 students at a time. Computerization of the Library is almost completed, data entry is completed. For Library automation, a recognized Software SOUL is installed. INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Center has provided this most popular and user friendly Software to the institution. The library is registered with NLIST and member of DELNET. Internet connectivity is already available in the Library. Besides this, the Library provides many periodicals, Journals, News- papers, Booklets, Government Reports etc. Collections of various Encyclopedias and reference books not only enhance the inner beauty of the Library but also greatly benefited the teachers and students community.

Library Status:

Books and Periodicals
     Text & Reference Books(in accession registered)
     Journals & Periodicals
Resonance, Current Science, Bio Science, Down to Earth, Journal of Bombay Natural History, Competition Success Review, India Today, Prantik (প্ৰান্তিক), Bijyan Jeuti (বিজ্ঞান জেউতি), Science Reporter, Hornbill, Mathematical Intelligencer, Dream
     None book Materials
Digital Media (142) - CD/DVD etc.

Members of Library

Any student and teaching or non teaching staff are the member of library.

Faculty member
Office Staff  

Library Staff:

Mr. Basanta Kr. Sarma

Librarian(Selection Grade) since November, 1990

Facilities available in the library
  • Reprography
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Audio- video CDs & Cassettes
  • CCTV
  • Book Bank

Library Advisory Committee:

The library has a library advisory committee comprising with the following office bearers.

Principal of the college is the chairperson of the committee
The Librarian is the Convenor of the committee
One faculty member from each department

Library Rules
  1. The library shall remain open on all working days of the college 9.00 A.M. to 5 P.M.
  2. The book issue counter will be closed for one hour before closing the library.
  3. The staff and regular students of the college mainly use the college library. The librarian in consultation with the principal may consider for the use the library by the outsiders.
  4. The permanent teaching / non-teaching staff will automatically be recognized as library members. Regular students of the college who are admitted will apply to the librarian for library membership with a copy of the original admission receipt.
  5. A student member of the library will receive 1(one) or 2(two) library cards according as he is a General or Major student. Student identity card will be treated as reading room card.
  6. At the time of entering the library every member shall be required to write his name and identity with roll no. and class in the register.
  7. All the personal belongings such as begs, portfolio etc. should be left at the counter, before entering the library.
  8. The reader must keep silence within the library premises.
  9. No readers are allowed to sleep or gossip inside the library. The defaulter may be refused to the use of the library.
  10. Smoking and spitting inside the library is prohibited.
  11. The Principal may refuse to loan books to any person without assigning any reasons. He may grants special permission to any person to use the library.
  12. Members of the academic may borrow four books at a time. This no. may be increase with the approval of the Principal.
  13. Members of the non-teaching staff may have two volumes at a time for a fortnight.
  14. For teacher the stack room will remain open access.
  15. For teacher the stack room may be allowed.
  16. Only four books will be issued at a time to the library members for a period of one month.
  17. Books will be issued to the student against their library card for home use for 10 days. The same book may be reissued for another 10 days if the books are presented after 10 days.
  18. For use in the reading room, periodical, books etc. will be issued against identity card but it must return within the day before he/she leave the
  19. Student who fail to return or renew on the due date shall have to pay an overdue charge of Rs.2/- per day until return.
  20. At the time of issue the borrower must check the book thoroughly. Beside at the time of return of a book, if it is found mutilated or damaged he/she shall have to replace by paying the cost of replacement of the book along with fines as fixed by the librarian.
  21. Reference book, loose issues, bound volumes and rare books may be replace under restricted categories by the librarian which may not be lent out generally.
  22. The librarian have the power to refuse the issue of a book to any member or he may recall any book from any member when the same is wanted in the library.
  23. No book shall be issued before it is fully processed.
  24. In case of loss of a library card the borrower must report immediately to the librarian. The librarian may consider issue of duplicated card on payment of Rs.20/- as a cost of the card.
  25. Book Bank facilities is there for a long term to the selected meritorious poor students.
  26. The library attendant at the entrance is authorized to examine everyone who enters and exits the library.
  27. Over and above the rules, the authority reserves the right of framing any additional rules as may be necessary.

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