Department of Physics

Year of establishment:
Major introduced from:
Year 1993
Recognized for Ph.D. level Research
(Theoretical Physics):
Year 2013
Built-up area of the department:
317 Sq. M.

Departmental Staff

Dr. Om Prakash Sah
M. Sc; Ph. D, Specialization: Soild State Physics

Associate Professor since November, 1987

Dr. Sah has completed 1 UGC Major Project. He has published many research papers in reputed international journal. At present he is guiding two research fellows

Dr. Balen Choudhury
M. Sc; Ph. D, Specialization: Nuclear Physics

Associate Professor since December, 1996

At present he is the HoD of the Dept. He has published several research papers in national and international journals.

Mr. Sanjib Baglari
M. Sc; M. Tech, Specialization: Condense Matter Physics and Advance Electronics

Assistant Professor since November, 2015


Mr. Dewan Ariful Alom

Assistant Professor (Contractual) since August, 2018

SPECIALIZATION: Condensed Matter Physics

Sri Biraj Ray

Lab Bearer since September, 1987

Yearly Pass out Percentage
Infrastructure :

  • General (Plus Computer Programming) Books - 205 Nos.
  • Research Level Books - 31 Nos.
  • On-line Books, from a number of National & International Publishers, are accessible in the department through UGC-Inflibnet Scheme
  • 400 above Research Papers, Reprint/ Photocopy (mostly related to Plasma Physics)
  • Approx. 1000 Soft PDF files of Research Papers (mostly related to Plasma Physics)
  • Journals (Journals are accessible through UGC-Inflibnet Scheme)
    American Physical Society (APS) Journals
    Physical Rev. Letters; Rev. of Modern Physics; Physical Rev. A; Physical Rev. B; Physical Rev. C; Physical Rev. D; Physical Rev. E; Physical Rev. X; Physical Rev. Special Topics: (a) Accelerator and Beams (b) Physics Education Research ; Physics; Physical Rev. Focus.
    12 Nos.
    American Institute of Physics (AIP) Journals
    AIP Advances; Chaos; Applied Physics Letters; Journal of Laser Applications; Journal of Mathematical Physics; Low Temperature Physics; Physics Fluids; Physics of Plasmas; Rev. of Scientific Instruments; Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters; Organic Electronics & Photonics; Journal of Applied Physics; Applied Physics Reviews.
    13 Nos.
    Institute of Physics (IOP) Science Journals
    Advances in Natural Sciences: NanoScience and NanoTechnology; Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics; Chinese Physics B; Chinese Physics C; Chinese Physics Letters; Classical and Quantum Gravity; Communications in Theoretical Physics; Computational Science & Discovery; Europhysics Letters (EPL); European Journal of Physics; Fluid Dynamics Research; Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics; Journal of Geophysics and Engineering; Journal of instrumentation; Journal of Optics; Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical; Journal of Physics B : Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics; Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics; Journal of Physics: Condense Matter; Journal of Physics: Conference series; Journal of Semiconductors; Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment; Laser Physics; Laser Physics Letters.
    25 Nos.
  • Total 7 (Seven) numbers of Desktop Computers with accessories are available in the department, – all are INTERNET connected.
    Windows and Linux operating systems are used to operate the Computers. Scientific Analysis Software like Scientific WorkPlace (SWP); Matlab; Mathematica (Student Version); Equation Editor etc. are available for students.
    Department also have Laser Printer (1 No.), Projector (1 No.) and Overhead Projector (1 No.).

List of Publications of Faculty Members, Department of Physics (Published in Refereed Journals)


1. Dr. Om Prakash Sah (No. of Publications:15; Total I.F.: 24.980 )
  1. Ahmed M. K. and Sah Sah O.P., Effect of ion temperature on arbitrary amplitude Kinetic Alfvén solitons in plasma with a q-nonextensive electron velocity distribution, Astrophysics and Space Science, 353 (2014) 145.
  2. Sah O.P. , Nonlinear dispersive Alfven waves in dusty plasma in transition limit, Alpha~1 Physics of Plasmas, 18 (2011) 104501.
  3. Sah O.P., Nonlinear excitations of kinetic Alfven waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 17 (2010) 032306.
  4. Sah O.P., Quantum electron-acoustic double layers in two electron species quantum plasma, Physics of Plasmas, 16 (2009) 012105.
  5. Sah O.P. and Manta. J., Nonlinear electron-acoustic waves in quantum plasma, Physics of Plasmas, 16 (2009) 032304.
  6. Sah O.P., Nonlinear propagation of lower-hybrid-like waves in dusty plasma, J. Plasma Phys., 57 (1997) 299.
  7. Sah O.P., Nonlinear Propagation of Small Amplitude Modified Electron Acoustic Solitary Waves in Semi-relativistic Plasmas, Physica Scripta, 54 (1996) 640.
  8. Sah O.P., Small amplitude ion acoustic double layers in dusty plasmas, Planetary Space Science, 43 (1995) 1095.
  9. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Electrostatic shock like solution associated with lower hybrid waves in presence of negative ions, IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science, 23 (1995) 393.
  10. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Small amplitude modified electron acoustic solitary waves in semi-relativistic Plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 2 (1995) 365.
  11. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Ion beam driven ion cyclotron double layers, Contrib. Plasma Phys., 35 (1995) 155.
  12. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Theory of weak dust acoustic double layers, Physics Letters A, 190 (1994) 317.
  13. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Nonlinear propagation of small- amplitude modified electron acoustic solitary waves and double layer in semi-relativistic Plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 1 (1994) 3189.
  14. Sah O.P. and Goswami K.S., Effect of ion beams on the nonlinear propagation of electron-acoustic like wave, Indian J. Radio & Space Physics, 23 (1994) 334.
  15. Sah O.P. Mishra A.K. and Goswami K.S.,Drifting ion in the formation of modified EAWs, Gau. Univ. J. Sci. (INDIA) XXXI (1992) 41.
2. Dr. Balen Choudhury (No. of Publications: 04; Total I.F.: 9.36)
  1. G. C. Das, B. Choudhury & M. P. Bora., Evolution of ion acoustic solitary waves in Maxwellian dusty plasmas, Physics of Plasmas (AIP, U.S.A.) 17 (2010) 123707.
  2. G. C. Das, B. Choudhury & M. P. Bora., Formation of shock wave in a cold dusty plasma, Physics of Plasmas (AIP, U.S.A.) 19 (2012) 044502.
  3. M. P. Bora, B. Choudhury & G. C. Das., Dust acoustic soliton in a plasma with multi species ions and kappa-distributed electrons, Astrophysics. Space Science (Springer) DOI 10, 1007/s 10509-012-1073-y (2012).
  4. B. Choudhury, R. Goswami, G. C. Das, and M. P. Bora, Ion-acoustic solitons in warm magnetoplasmas with super-thermal electrons, Physics of Plasmas (AIP), 20, 042902 (2013).
3. Mr. Sanjib Baglari (No. of Publications: 02; Total I.F.: 3.4)
  1. Effective thermal conductivity and coefficient of linear thermal expansion of high-density polyethylene-fly ash composites;Sanjib Baglari, Madhusree Kole and T K Dey Indian J. Phys., 85 (2011) 559-573.
  2. Junction characteristics of ITO/PANI-ZnS/Ag and ITO/PANI-CdS/Ag Schottky diodes: a comparative study; S K Dey, S Baglari, and D Sarkar, Indian J Phys DOI10.1007/s12648-015-0723-7 (Received: 23 February 2015 / Accepted: 07 May 2015)


1. Dr. Khanindra Kumar Sarma (No. of Publications: 04; Total I.F.: 9.36)
  1. S.N. Sarma, K.K. Sarma, M. Nambu & U.N. Das., Electromagnetic emission in a magnetized plasma Radiophysics ands Quantum electronics (Platinum Publishing Corporation, USSR) 37 (1994) 548-562.
  2. M. Nambu, S.N. Sarma & K.K. Sarma., Momentum source of the plasma maser, Physical Review A (APS, U.S.A.) 45 (1992) 7456-7462.
  3. S.N. Sarma, K.K. Sarma & M. Nambu., Plasma maser theory of the extraordinary mode in the presence of Langmuir turbulence, J. Plasma Physics (Cambridge University, UK) 40 (1991) 331-346.
  4. K.K. Sarma, S.N. Sarma, M. Nambu & T. Hada., Electromagnetic emission due to nonlinear forces, Physical Review A (APS, U.S.A.) 43 (1991) 5555-5559.
2. Dr. Ghana Kanta Medhi (No. of Publications: 04; Total I.F.: 9.36)
  1. J. K. Sarma, & G. K. Medhi., Regge behavior of structure function and gluon Distribution at low-x in leading order, The European Physical Journal C. (Springer), 16 (2000) 481-487.
  2. J. K. Sarma & G. K. Medhi., Taylor Expansion Method & Gluon distribution from structure function data at low-x: the leading order analysis, Journal of Assam Science Society 41, (2000) 54-69.
  3. D.K. Choudhury, G. K. Medhi & J. K. Sarma., t and x- evolutions of gluon structure functions at low-x, Gau. Univ. J. Sci. (Golden Jubilee volume) (1998) 39-53.
  4. J. K. Sarma, D.K. Choudhury & G. K. Medhi., X-Distribution of deuteron structure function at low-x, Physics Letters B (ELSEVIER, Netherlands) 403 (1997) 139.
3. Mrs. Jhuma Biswas (No. of Publications: 04; Total I.F.: 8.246)
  1. Binita Pathak, Pradip Kumar Bhuyan, Jhuma Biswas and Toshihiko Takemura (2013), Long term climatology of Particulate Matter and associated microphysical and optical properties over Dibrugarh, North-East India and inter-comparison with SPRINTARS simulations, Atmospheric Environment, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2012.12.032 (IF-3.110, 3.787-5yr).
  2. Binita Pathak, Chandrakala Bharali, Jhuma Biswas and Pradip Kumar Bhuyan (2013), Firework Induced Large Increase in Trace Gas and Black Carbon at Dibrugarh, India, Journal of Earth Science and Engineering, No.8, Vol.3, 2013, ISSN: 2159-581X, USA.
  3. Binita Pathak, Jhuma Biswas, Chandrakala Bharali and Pradip Kumar Bhuyan, Short term introduction of pollutants into the atmosphere at a location in the Brahmaputra Basin: A case study, Atmospheric Pollution Research, No.6, 2015, doi: 10.5094/APR.2015.026 (IF-1.227, 1.259-5yr).
  4. B. Pathak, T. Subba, P. Dahutia, P.K. Bhuyan, K. Krishna Moorthy, M.M. Gogoi, S. Suresh Babu, L. Chutia, P. Ajay, J. Biswas, C. Bharali, A. Borgohain, P. Dhar, A. Guha, B.K. De, T. Banik, M. Chakraborty, S.S. Kundu, S. Sudhakar and S.B. Singh (2015), Aerosol characteristics in north-east India using ARFINET spectral optical depth measurements, Atmospheric Environment, 1-13.

Besides the regular academic curricular activities, the department try to enhance communicative skill of the students through Spoken English workshop.

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