*NB: CBSE Students can apply for admission into BSC 1st year on or after the declaration of Class 12 results.There will be an another date only for CBSE students. Date will be announced later. Kindly visit website regularly for further information


1. Chairperson: Dr. K. K. Sarma, Principal

2. Coordinator: Mr. Sanjib Kr. Baglari, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physics

3. Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Hemanta Kr. Saud, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Economics

4. Member from Teacher:
(i) Dr. Amal Kr. Deka, Associate Professor, Dept. of Statistics
(ii) Dr. Arundhati Mech, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics
(iii) Dr. Balen Choudhury, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics
(iv) Mrs. Beauty Das, Associate Professor, Dept. of English
(v) Dr. Dilip Kr. Roy, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Botany

5. Member from Management: Dr. Mrigen Das, President, G.B

6. Member of administrative officer: Librarian (Vacant)

7. Nominee from local society, students, and alumni:
(i) Mr. Tarun Kr. Choudhury (From Local Society)
(ii) Mr. Anupam Sheikh, G.S, BMSU (Student)
(iii) Dr. Chinmay Bhattacharjee, Secretary, Alumni Association
(iv) Ms. Chumi Ray, Treasurer, Alumni Association

8. Member from Employers/Industrialist/Stakeholders:
i) Dr. I. Bardoloi (Employer)
ii) Mr. Pradip Ray (Industrialist)
iii) Mr. Hitesh Ch. Ray (Stakeholder)

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